Who is Grump?

Meet Grump.

He doesn't make friends very easily but some unusual events force him into meeting a couple of neighborhood kids.

Together, Grump the recluse, Periwinkle the loud-mouth, and Manny the inventor take on the world with a conspicuous absence of parental supervision!

First Signs of Grump.

Grump began as a blog post in 2007. Coinsidently we both experienced the same things; we both had our wisdom teeth removed, for example. In the months to follow I drew him some friends, Periwinkle and Manny.

Years later I wrote and illustrated his graphic novel "Grump" that was funded through Kickstarter. A PDF of the book was made available to the backers.

I'm currently working on Grump's second book.

I hope to have both printed in the future.